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Non-profit Jazz Service Organisation formed in July 2005 to support Jazz and increase its Presence in the Community

Butch Thomas:
Jazz Composer

UK Tour 2009

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Butch Thomas
(Born in St Louis, Missouri USA - Bachelor of Fine Arts - Music 1983, Webster University, St. Louis, MO) provides a new, thunderous driving force at the front of the band. His phenomenal playing has been crafted during a 25yr career which has seen him working with Sting (2 year world tour), Aretha Franklin, Thomas Dolby, Al Jarreau, James Taylor, etc etc.  Butch never fails to blow up a storm this may have something to do with his remarkable career with some of the finest artists both in jazz and rock n roll. He began with being handed the tenor chair in the Jaco Pastorius band between 1983 and 1987 in which period he recorded two albums (Punk Jazz & NYC Jam) with this now legendary bass player.  In the years to follow, he played with the likes of Lester Bowie in the jazz world but mainly worked as a session player to some great artists such as guitarist Lennie Kravitz. he has also appeared as sideman for the likes of Senegalese Singer Youssou N'dour and Al Green.  Butch Thomas now lives in Florida with his wife and daughter.
INSTRUMENTS:  Saxophone,  Flute, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals

Butch Thomas MySpace  - Check out the Interview and the Performances

Check This Out! -   available in the UK Spring or Autumn of 2009
Butch Thomas - tenor and soprano sax

Supporting Musicians
Pete Oxley - Guitar
Felix Ruiz - piano, keyboards
Michael Curtis Ruiz - bass
TBC - drums

If you are interested as a promoter we will gladly send you promo materials and a CD.

New MP3 samples of Butch's music can be found at Butch Thomas MySpace

There is further information at Butch Thomas Website
Click on the tracks below to hear a sample of Butch’s playing.
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Oogabooga Demo Track
The Wings of Time Demo Track
You Dig? Demo Track

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Book the Butch Thomas Quintet!
Butch Thomas is available for tours, session work and teaching. 

For Booking Enquiries for the Butch Thomas Quintet for Jazz Festivals, Theatre or Club Events, Corporate Events and Jazz Workshops
Contact - E-mail or Phone 01844 353117

Firm Bookings:-

Just Great for the Really Big Occasions:-  here with Sting! 

Jazz Saxophone Workshops:

Butch is also keen to impart his skills to Students of Jazz and can hold Workshop/Master Class projects in Colleges, Theatres, Studios and other suitable venues.  These can also be linked up with daytime assemblies at any of the evening Concert Venues.

  • Details:
    Jazz Workshop provides a platform where seasoned professionals and total beginners alike can learn, grow and flourish together in a uniquely inspiring and supportive environment.
    One day workshop lasting 3 hours, would consist of:-
    ·         up and medium tempo grooves
    ·         contemporary jazz styles

  • .         Improvisation

  • Classes can be structured to specific needs and encompass all music genres.

Butch Thomas & Friends
Supporting Musicians

Michael Curtis Ruiz – Electric Bass
recipient of a scholarship to the Berklee School of Music has recorded and toured the World with numerous Caribbean and International artistes including Joe Higgs and Rita Marley. His reputation as an outstanding bass player is building rapidly in the UK, and he can be seen playing at various Jazz venues with other bands.  Michael played both Fretless and Fretted Electric basses


Felix Ruiz – Keyboards
The Ruiz brothers, from Trinidad, blend Caribbean and World Beat Music with influences of Jazz.  Keyboardist Felix, has performed with legendary Calypsonians the Roaring Lion, and others including Gregory Isaacs.


Special Guest - Pete Oxley

- Guitarist and Jazz Composer - Pete was initially captivated by the works of Egberto Gismonti, Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock and John Scofield, influences which he would still cite as relevant today.  Pete was offered a place at the Leeds Jazz College in 1981. He accepted - somehow he managed to respectably graduate and moved to Paris to begin a glorious unfettered career.  It was in Paris that Pete began gigging intensely, backing singers, generally freelancing and working on his own musical projects.
In 1999, in partnership with drummer Mark Doffman and bassist Raph Mizraki, Pete set up Oxford's Contemporary Jazz club 'The Spin'. These three formed the house-band, with whom scores of the UK's jazz glitterati have now performed (Gilad Atzmon, Tim Whitehead, John Parricelli, Roger Beaujolais, Mornington Lockett, John Etheridge, Ben Castle, Mark Lockheart etc. etc...)  
In 2002, Pete recorded the duo album
The Play Of Light with Argentinean guitar virtuoso Luis D'Agostino

Erik Stams 

Erik began playing drums at the age of ten.
After graduating from New York's Fiorello Laguardia High School of Music and Art and the Performing Arts (FAME) under Justin Dicciocio, he studied drum-kit, percussion and general music at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music, privately with Henry Adler (author of Buddy Rich's Snare Drum Rudiments and Louie Bellson's Modern Reading Text in 4/4), Walter Garces and briefly with Jerry Gonzalez (the Fort Apache Band).

Erik honed his craft performing, recording and touring in and around NYC, specializing in Funk, Reggae, Jazz, Ska and Rock. He can be heard on various albums, film soundtracks (Francis Ford Coppola's New York Stories, Dust on the Wings - Australia, The Inbetweeners) and television commercials.
Erik settled in London after a tour of Japan with Walter Schreifels of Quicksand and Rival Schools (Island Records) in 1996.

Since then he has been performing in and around the UK with American saxophonist Butch Thomas (Lenny Kravitz, Sting, Jaco Pastorius), disco-diva Viola Wills, Ensemble Bash, the Glyndebourne Touring Opera, Stu Hamm (Steve Vai, Joe Satriani), as well as upcoming artists Drill Queen, Jamie Lawson and War Machines of Love (with former New Model Army guitarist Adrian Portas).

Some of Butch's Recording Appearances:-

Jaco Pastorius "Punk Jazz" - Big World Records  1983
Jaco Pastorius "NYC Jam" - Big World Records  1984         
Pamela Russo "Pamela Russo" - Mercury Records  1987
The College Boys"Humpin" - Virgin Records  1991
Lenny Kravitz "Momma Said" - Virgin Records  1991
Lenny Kravitz "Brother" - Virgin Records 1992
Vanessa Paradis "Live" - Polydor Records  1994
Wailing Souls "Live" - Remark Records  1994
“Symbiose” album  1996
Aretha Franklin “A Rose is still a Rose” UK Version  1998

Butch Thomas New CD

Butch Thomas' self-titled album is an outstanding collection of Nu-Jazz songs brought to you by an industry veteran. Butch's Tenor and Soprano Sax on the album is as smooth as silk. His arrangements are solid and his style is innovative and very modern. Overall, the musicianship on the CD is tremendous and the sound quality is excellent as well. Highlights are the opener "Blues for Miles" taking you back to the 70's a bit with cop show synths and a memorable Sax performance. "Ooga Booga" has some fun percussion elements, but keeps it nice and smooth. "You Dig" is a progressive jazz number with impressive drum work and another solid Sax performance. If you enjoy smooth jazz saxophone and big name artists such as Kenny G or Wayne Shorter, you'll enjoy this CD.

1. ) Blues for Miles (C. Thomas)
2. ) That Thang (C. Thomas , Peter Oxley)
3. ) Sao Paulo (C. Thomas)
4. ) The wings of time (C. Thomas)
5. ) Ooga Booga (C. Thomas)
6. ) By the sea (C. Thomas)
7. ) Caribbean Woman (C. Thomas)
8. ) You dig? (C. Thomas)
9. ) All that you do (C. Thomas)

Butch Thomas - Soprano Sax
Curtis Ruiz - Bass
Felix Ruiz - Electric Piano
David Gwynne - Drums
Glyn Devey - Production and Arrangements, Guitars, Electric Piano, Keyboards, String Arrangement and Programming
Featured Guitar Soloists:
Pete Oxley - Guitar Solo 1
Richard Fortus - Guitar Solo 2
Glyn Devey - Guitar Solo 3

Performance Reviews - fans
First class gig last night - well done!. It was also good to see some younger faces and families. Were they his pupils? If yes it's a good way of  spreading the gospel.  A great evening and good value.  My old lady wants to see Mike Stern at Ronnie's for £25 each or £48 if you eat?
Regards  Andrew

As usual, Butch and Friends were great ...Get them back again!!!!  Alistair & Denise

Hi just a short note to say how much we enjoyed Butch's gig!  A great performance - any plans for a return soon?

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