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Student Stand-by Tickets for Concert Jazz Events - Special Inducement
Jazz & Music Students Ė Standby Tickets Ė will be released 10 mins before the Performance Start. Special Concession Rate £5.
You can register your interest for a Standby Ticket in advance by email - they will be released only on the eve of Performance Ė or you turn up on pure speculation.  Names and called at the side entrance Ė form an orderly queue please.  Order will be email date, time and those next in line when called.  Entry is not guaranteed but it is most likely.
Sorry no entry to foyer until you are called for owing to urgent Booked Ticket processing being in progress at the Box Office
Unsold Seats and No Show tickets will be released at this time slot - so take full advantage to hear the best in Jazz at a bargain Price!

There are some young exponents of jazz playing at these Events don't miss the opportunity to hear them Blowin and watch their technique.

Youth Music

Young Composer Competition 2007

Next ambition?
Perhaps membership of the National Youth Jazz Orchestra!
A Sponsored Weekend Jazz Education Course?

Pertinent comment from Alan Barnes - Jazz Reed Maestro:-
ďListening is absolutely paramount. The first thing I say to any student who comes to me, before I accept them, is: ĎWho do you listen to?í  It seems phenomenal to me that certain people donít listen to established jazz masters;  and they want to be a jazz clarinet player!  For instance, Iíve had tenor students say they havenít heard Don Weller, and they havenít heard Dick Morrisey, or Bobby Wellins,  and I think, if they havenít heard these peopleÖ (and they are on the doorstep)...ĒďOften people donít realise thatís what music is all about: listening. Performing is also about listening. In jazz, when youíve finished your chorus, you donít then ignore what everybody else is doing, because it should change what happens next........................"

Norman Granz - Impresario of Jazz @ The Philharmonic------------
The younger people now are listening to a kind of pseudo blues or a modified pop music. As they get older, theyíll become bored with the sameness and the homogeneity of the kind of music they like as kids because itís easy and itís rhythmic, even the lyric they may get tired of as they become older. Well, in that case, they may turn to popular music.  A sprinkling of teenagers may be attracted towards jazz. Many of the pop artists, using jazz arrangers, have indoctrinated them, almost unconsciously, into hearing a jazz sound. Quincy Jones (who is more of a genuine jazz figure) when he writes for pop artists still falls back on his jazz techniques. Thus the public when hearing pop music is, without knowing it, also soaking up jazz.  You find that in film sound tracks, too. Many of the movie Directors who in the past would never have dreamt of using jazz arrangers or composers for scores are doing it more frequently now, even though they water them down. Still, the general public are getting a taste for jazz albeit subconsciously.

Tony Kofi Website -   youíll find a new update called VISIONS in the Gallery section. Visions is mostly about photos taken from Tony's point of view of the musicians he had great pleasure of working with over the past decade and a half, or was just fortunate to be around at the opportune time. Itís about capturing a certain moment in rehearsal, performances or just relaxing before a concert. Tony has been taking photographs from the age of 14 years old, which is longer than the time spent as a professional musician. To him, musicians are very unique individuals, and as a musician himself, he likes to capture them before the important world stage performance that takes place in front of the audience, and having first hand insight of this, he finds that most musicians show the first signs of finding their inner space at this point in order to perform at their highest levels, They might have a serious or humorous side to them, but these are the real life musicians who take and love their art very seriously and unconditionally, and itís that side of musicians that inspires him to immortalise art into still life. So VISIONS is the first of many images youíll see in the next few days, weeks, months and years to come of musicians present and future.  (Written by Tony Kofi)

Tommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra
Experience the glory of a big band with twenty one young musicians of prowess and promise. They play a repertoire that includes Stan Kenton, Maria Schneider, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Oliver Nelson, Dizzy Gillespie and Charles Mingus.
Orchestra features Philip Cardwell, Liam Heath, Alan Blair, Linsey McDonald, Hendon Musk (tp), Billy Fleming, Dionne Copeland, Theo Forrest, Michelle Melvin, Leah Gough Cooper, Rachel Cohen, Louise McDonald, Ben Bryden (s), Scott Annison, Hannah Cohen, Michael Owers, Michael Campbell (tb), Chris Lyons (p), Ross Whyte (d), Calum Gourlay (b) and Mike Nisbet (g).
The above were performing at the Aberdeen Jazz Festival 2006 and proved to be one of the most rewarding events and certainly the most swinging Big Band featured at the whole Festival.  A great pool of young talent motivated by the Maestro of the Saxophone who donates all his time for Charity.  Support them when and where you can as this promising unit gets no funding whatsoever. 
Tommy Smith Website

Windsor Jazz Platform Popular evening open Jazz Jam Session - all welcome, an informal organisation created to encourage aspiring jazz musicians of all ages and abilities to play live. Members participate in jam sessions or form their own bands to create their own brand of jazz. Usually meets on the 2nd & 4th Tuesday's of each month.  Jazz Platform Windsor is sited at the Windsor Arts Centre and has links to sister platforms in Newbury and Hungerford
Dates can be subject to change so best to check the diary pages at www.windsorartscentre.org or ring Alan on 01344 454351. Jazz Platform
Jazz Education
Internationally famous yet local group Stekpanna have always been heavily involved in music education at all levels. If you would like to discuss possibilities for your school or college please contact steve@stekpanna.com

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Ear Trainer Software
JazzWise Website 
Youth Music

Other Links:-

A free audio time-stretching tool for Windows.  BestPractice is a tool to slow down or speed up music, either from a file or directly from a CD. The thing is, that ordinarily the sound is distorted when slowed down our sped up - you get the effect like when playing a 45 rpm record on 33 rpm speed. BestPractice tries to correct this, so you can slow down and speed up music, while keeping the original tune. Since version 0.3 you can also change the pitch of the music without affecting its length.

Thame Concert Band

Aylesbury Community Concert band

Aylesbury Music Centre Big Band - Youth Orchestra

Youth Music

National Youth Jazz Orchestra's Aims:

Providing an opportunity for gifted young musicians from all over Britain to meet together regularly and to play big band jazz to a very high standard and excellence. Enabling young musicians to gain experience of working to high professional standards in major concert halls and theatres.

Sharing the talents of these exciting young players with the general public through concert performances, recordings and radio and TV programmes.
Commissioning new works from British composers, arrangers and song-writers.
Introducing and nurturing a love of jazz amongst school children.
Increasing the awareness and enjoyment of jazz amongst as wide an audience as possible.

Wiltshire Play Jazz Weekend

Jazz Academy MD Michael Garrick

Art of Jazz - Dan Bank - School Workshop

John Morton - Arranging and Orchestration

Just Jazz - all you need to know

Education - Jazz Attack

Gary Bayley - Developing a Sound of Distinction

Jazz Course UK

Learn Jazz Piano

Jazz Exams

International Association for Jazz Education

Molly and the Owl 2005 - Nick Tomalin Group

"The chances of a kid hearing jazz today are pretty minimal, so this attempt to introduce them to it via a children's musical story ought to go straight onto the music curriculum. Credit also due to pianist/writer Tomalin, for his broad take on jazz, and managing to strike an effective balance between an educational and a fun element." Jazzwise magazine


1. Prelude (Molly and the Owl Theme)
2. Molly's Walk
3. Twit-Twoo Blues
4. Lost
5. Molly's Lament
6. Broom-cupboard Bossa
7. Molly and the Owl Theme (reprise)
8. Lullaby



Molly and the Owl is a ground-breaking performance piece aimed at introducing jazz to younger audiences (7-11 year-olds) in a fun, accessible way. The piece combines a spoken narration with original music performed by a live jazz quintet, and does for jazz what 'Peter and the Wolf' does for classical music. The story centres on a little girl called Molly and her strange meeting with a saxophone-playing owl

Oxfordshire County Music Service
Tel: 01865 740000
We provide instrumental tuition in Schools, weekly instrumental, vocal and theory groups, youth orchestras, activities and courses during the school holidays, ensembles for adult musicians, Saturday afternoon workshops and an instrument purchase scheme. For further information please telephone the Music Service general office.

Maturing Jazz Dudes -  advise us of any link you feel should be added

If you wish to contribute to our  Youth into Jazz Page click this

Local Tuition in Guitar, Bass Guitar
 and Piano or Keyboards

Chiltern Music Studio
Alan Peppett

Near Princes Risborough, Vacancies exist for beginners or improvers interested in learning Bass Guitar, Guitar, Piano or Keyboards.

Tuition, Sales, Service - email Alan Peppett, Walters Ash, nr High Wycombe, Bucks - for beginners or improvers 01494 562 048

Finger Fret String
Jordanís Courtyard, 8 Upper High Street, Thame, OX9 3ER
Tutor - Kevin Lucas
)01844 217712 - Mobile 0783 436 3276
Kevin Lucas


LWS Youth Jazz Ensemble Sponsorship
If you would like to sponsor the LWS Youth Jazz Ensemble, either by making a donation (unused Musical Instrument, etc), buying equipment or assisting with the website or concert programmes, please email us.  If you have any ideas for fund raising from Guest or Function appearances etc, please contact us. The ensemble cannot expect to be self-financing.
Parents and friends, by contributing time and effort, are able to defray certain costs. LWS appreciate the support of the County Council through their appointment of musical directors, services of their musical advisor and by providing other facilities.  A considerable amount of capital is required for the purchase of music and additional, specialised equipment.

It would be nice to have a Thame Jazz Art Foundation (TJAF) to advance music education for the public of this Borough and surrounding areas. It could both administer and co-ordinate the provision of music tuition and youth music activities for young people and adults. In addition also support the development of music education in schools and provides a wide range of music making opportunities, including concert performances, workshops, projects and courses.

This webpage is here to encourage all generations to become involved in listening to, playing, discussing Jazz, and conveying its benefits for young people and schools. The website also includes local Events and Venues where you can expand your knowledge of Contemporary Jazz Music and its purveyors.

Any Corporate or Wealthy Sponsors out there?

Support Live Music

Support Young Musicians

JAM - Jazz Appreciation Month - is every month of your year

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