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Non-profit Jazz Service Organisation formed in July 2005 to support Jazz and increase its Presence in the Community

PD3 - Peter Downes Trio - with Special Guest
Dick Pearce on Trumpet

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UK / Ireland Tour 2009

Guitar Lead Trio with such an Amazing Full and Celestial Sound
Featuring :-
Pete Downes  - Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Andy Coe - Double Bass
Tim Bruce - Drums

Pete Downes is one of those incredible talents that only surfaces once in a blue moon. Completely self taught, he is rapidly becoming one of Europe’s leading guitarists in the modern jazz fusion genre. Already established on the jazz scene in the UK and Italy with a string of regular appearances culminating with a packed audience at Glastonbury Festival where they played the Jazz Lounge.

In the 90's he wrote and produced music for a series of very successful self-help tapes with hypnotherapist Christine King. This led to solo albums Fantasea and Joy. Both are soon to be re-released by Wiser Productions. His solo album Sea of Tranquility was recently re-released

With influences that cover such a wide spectrum as Pat Metheny to Jimi Hendrix their first album “Street Scene” caught the attention of Jazzwise, Jazz FM and critic praise from The Guardian, The Observer and many other Radio Stations and newspapers.
The eagerly awaited follow up album “Into The Blue.” is a further step on the road to a wider audience. On this album PD3 blend their infectious original compositions with totally fresh and inspired versions of popular songs from the 70s to present day in a way that simply underlines the incredible versatility of the trio and the ease in which they can provide assessable jazz routed music to a much wider audience.

Dick Pearce - A player with an equally formidable reputation who has suffered a similar fate of neglect by record labels is Dick Pearce. More than any other British jazz trumpeter, Pearce probably deserves the mantle of heir to Jimmy Deuchar, offering a style that contains a fractured lyricism reminiscent of his forebear. Pearce began his career as a military band musician and subsequently emerged in the 1970s from one of the earliest editions of that ongoing jazz dynasty, the National Youth Jazz Orchestra (NYJO). Surrounded by would-be plugged-in Miles Davis clones, and by those musicians who had reached attention through the very different apprenticeship of free music, Pearce was notable for being the kind of straight ahead player who might well have appeared on the London jazz scene twenty years earlier. He has a sophisticated command of harmonic improvising, although, as with his self-confessed (and disparate) trumpet heroes - Chet Baker, Art Farmer and Don Cherry - his playing comes across as anything but contrived. Pearce had a lengthy association with Ronnie Scott which lasted from the 1970s until Scott's health forced him to abandon performing in the mid-1990s, and some of his best recorded work can be found on the CD Never Pat A Burning Dog (Jazz House, 1990), where his solos contrast admirably with Scott's more forthright contributions, and contain a heat and urgency never far beneath the cool surface.
A quartet CD for FMR records in 1994 remains Pearce's only noticeable solo recording effort and, as with virtually all the players mentioned here, his reputation would be ill-founded if one were to base it solely on the quantity of his recorded output. However, Pearce's beautifully integrated mix of hard bop and abstraction influenced a whole generation of British trumpeters including those who followed in his footsteps with NYJO, such as Gerard Presencer and Guy Barker, both of whom have made careers representative of the kind of failsafe adaptability that has long been the way for British trumpeters.  © SIMON SPILLETTJune 2005

PD3 - Tim Bruce (drums) and Andy Coe (double bass) complete the Trio and were the rhythm section on the first two recordings. "Tim is a very percussive drummer and when you play with him you can feel him listening.
Andy is very visual and entertains the audience with his physical approach."  Andy'’s extreme and unique bass playing not only providing a solid back line, but pulsing through on solos and driving the music along to Tim Bruce’s meticulous drumming.
Pete Downes’ guitar work is unrivalled, but never over the top or self indulgent.
He is a master of understatement and delicate phrasing, but when the track requires power, he’s there adding just the right amount of weight so as not to overpower or derail the beauty of the theme.


Andy Coe - Double
& Electric Bass
Andy studied classical music for the double bass at school in England, but took up jazz seriously after hearing Miles Davis's Bitches Brew performed live at the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970.
His prime influences include Charlie Haden and Ray Brown.
His versatility has enabled him to experiment with a variety of sound combinations and music forms, including a period with John Stevens' Spontaneous Music Ensemble and the Portsmouth Sinfonia,

Andy also performs with Jack-E McAuley's - Poormouth.

Tim Bruce - Drums
Having studied under the tutelage of drum masters Mal Cutland and Lloyd Ryan, Tim is a master in versatility on drums.

He has played a wide variety of music live & in session for Roogalator, Polly Brown Blues Band, Boney M and has toured with The Stranglers.

His own jazz trio played recently at the Ealing Jazz Festival and Tim was a regular on stage at the Bulls Head (Barnes) with the Latin Jazz group Seventh Wave.

In addition to PD3, Tim gigs regularly with the rock band Shades of Red.

Typical Sets -
Set 1
Moondance - Van Morrison
Eclipse - Peter Downes
Straight No Chaser - Thelonius Sphere Monk
Dont Know Why -Jesse Harris for Norah jones
Fragile - Sting
Autumn Leaves - Kosma/Mercer
Belsize - Andy Coe/Peter Downes
My Favourite Things - Rogers/Hammerstein

Set 2
Misty - Errol Garner/Burke
Rolling Hills
Stella by Starlight - Victor Young
Requiem - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Footprints - Wayne Shorter
Little Wing - Jimi Hendricks
Round Midnight - Thelonius Sphere Monk
James - Pat Metheny
Black Orpheus
Joy Spring - Clifford Brown -
So What - Miles Davis


Song title Composer Time 2 min MP3s  
1 Cantaloupe Island Herbie Hancock 7.30 Hear
2 Killer Joe Benny Golson 8.49 Hear
3 View in Blue Pete Downes 5.03 Hear
4 Eclipse Pete Downes 5.52 Hear
5 Tutu Marcus Miller 8.06 Hear
6 Requiem WA Mozart. Arr: Downes 5.54 Hear
7 Straight No Chaser Thelonious Monk 8.42 Hear
8 Watermelon Man Herbie Hancock 6.48 Hear
9 So What Miles Davis 10.22 Hear


Song title Composer Time min mp3
Into the Blue Pete Downes 3.30 Hear
Fragile Sting 5.12 Hear
Stella By Starlight Victor Young 5.04 Hear
Northern Lights Pete Downes 4.45 Hear
Don't Know Why Jesse Harris 4.29 Hear
My Favourite Things Rogers/Hammerstein 5.13 Hear
Autumn Leaves Kosma/Mercer 4.49 Hear 
Belsize Park Andy Coe,
Pete Downes
5.19 Hear
Straight No Chaser Thelonious Monk 4.18 Hear
Misty Burke/Garner 6.51 Hear
Little Wing Jimi Hendrix 5.24 Hear

Music for Guitar: Bach now on iTunes
Pete Downes' new solo guitar recording of JS Bach lute suites is now on iTunes.
"Many excellent classical guitarists have recorded this music," says Pete, "However, I felt that my experience in jazz, rock and contemporary music would allow me to approach them in my own way. A traditional instrument with a modern feel".

PD3 do have a very strong set which is surprisingly diverse and has earned great reviews - deservedly so..

"Downes' evocations leap from hairy rock-tinged John Scofield (Killer Joe), to howling Hendrix (Straight No Chaser) to rhapsodic-acoustic Ralph Towner (View in Blue). Downes' alert comping enables Pearce's trumpet to really stretch out over Coe and Bruce's beats" Jack Massarik

"This is jazz that spans many different moods and intensities. I say it's a tribute to the skills of both soloists that they achieve these mood changes without showing any joins." 
Bob Bevan-Jones

"Tone, nuance and balance are their strong points. Pete Downes (the 'PD' of the title) plays guitar, both electric and acoustic, with a distinctively bright and crystalline sound, while bassist Andy Coe and drummer Tim Bruce match him to perfection."
                                                                                                                                                                           Dave Gelly
"PD3 have surpassed all my expectations with an album that is nothing short of brilliant.

"This was the album PD3 were meant to record, like Floyd's Dark Side Of the Moon or Miles Davies' Kind Of Blue - ultimately listenable without a single bad track."
Gareth Forman

Jazz Eddie - I was sat banging away at my computer and listening to thejazz top 500 over Easter and the most wonderful, celestial and pure Metheny like guitar sound came washing through the speakers and made me sit up and listen - fortunately the number 'Into the Blue' was back announced so I then pursued the band name only to find to my astonishment it was a British group  - they readily booked for a live performance at Concert Jazz - its no Miracle they just want to play and the audience loved it and scrambled to buy the Cd's.
- you are going to love it - 'home grown is a good thing'..


If you are interested as a promoter we will gladly send you additional promo materials and CD.

For Booking Enquiries for PD3 with Dick Pearce for -
Jazz Festivals,
Theatre or Club Events,
Corporate Events and Workshops
E-mail or Phone 01844 353117

will be touring the UK during July 2009:

Firm Booking:-
Sunday lunchtime July 12 at the Green Dragon - Croydon.

Interest shown by:-

Technical Requirements for Performance Venues - 
PA for the Quartet with 4 Quality Mics and Sound Engineer Supervision.


Peter Downes is also keen to impart his skills to Students of Guitar Interpretation and can hold Workshop/Master Class projects in Colleges, Theatres, Studios and other suitable venues.  These can be linked up with daytime assemblies at any of the evening Concert Venues.

Education and working with young musicians is a very important area of Peter's work and he gives individual tuition on vocal technique both in schools and privately, coaches youth groups and organises workshops which he has presented over the years. Music is a Universal Language and has no Boundaries or Borders.  Classes can be structured to specific needs and encompass all music genres.

  • Details: The Peter Downes Guitar Workshop provides a platform for seasoned professionals and total beginners alike can learn, grow and flourish together in a uniquely inspiring and supportive environment.
    One day workshop lasting 3 hours, would consist of:-
    ·         Interpretation of a Chart
    ·         Contemporary Guitar Styles
    .         Improvisation
    -         Application of Guitar Techniques

Guitar Workshops
Workshops function well in conjunction with a Performance.
Talk to us about the possibilities.
The Artists know best what they can do and what works, and knows who the potential participants are.  Workshops will give local people a chance to participate. They will educate, encourage involvement, raise awareness and be fun.  They require good planning, preparation and evaluation.  If the workshop is combined with an event, it will encourage new people to come along to the performance (offer a joint ticket with entry to the main performance).  You are assured of a good audience, timid people may well feel encouraged to come to another post concert workshop the next day. 
It's a brilliant idea and reaches so many people - with excellent professional teacher-performers and a great chance to meet them in person. We can also attach a short talk to the main event. Get the audience to come a little early to talk to the Musical Director or stay behind to meet the Artists in person.

Musicians and Deputies
The line-ups as listed are correct at the time of Publication and are those given to us by the Artist, and the information is as accurate as we can make it. With the Music business being what it is, inevitable changes happen, and we amend the listings except for those that happen on the night. We have been very fortunate, as the substitutions made by the groups have often been surprise upgrades. Nevertheless, the situation is not one we can control due to the fallibility of the ever sensitive musicians. 
Blessed as they are - they are not invulnerable.


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