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Jazz Voice - Vocal and Vocalese

"Ms Lady Day" Poster“The larynx is located in the throat and contains the vocal chords and glottis. With the exhalation of breath, the diaphragm forces air up through cartilage "horn" of the larynx by contracting. The air moves through the vocal chords, which are situated in the muscular vibrating folds of the larynx, and the glottis, the space formed between them. By stretching the vocal chords, adjusting the tension and varying the air pressure through the glottis, the pitch of our voice is adjusting, tuning higher or lower. A lower sound requires a longer column of air and is felt in the chest, a higher sound uses a shorter column of air and is felt in the nose and head.” 

The human voice is usually considered to have at least three voice registers; ranging from lowest to highest, they are the chest register, head register, and falsetto. (The whistle register, comprising the highest notes that a human voice can reach, is also often considered a "full" register, though the ability to use it well is fairly rare.) Some singers remain in a single range (usually the chest register) throughout their songs, but many will switch between these different ranges in order to produce a wide range of pitches, or even simply for effect.
Vibrato is a technique used by singers (and many instrumentalists, for instance, string instruments that are played with a bow can produce vibrato tones) in which a sustained note actually wavers very quickly and consistently between a very slightly higher and a lower tone, giving the note a slight quaver.
Melisma occurs when a singer switches pitch while singing the same syllable. It is used heavily in baroque vocal music, as well as to a somewhat lesser extent in
Popular Music

What is Vocalese?
Vocalese is the setting of lyrics to established jazz orchestral instrumentals. The word was coined by jazz critic Leonard Feather to describe the first Lambert, Hendricks, & Ross album, Sing a Song of Basie. On that album, overdubbing was used so that the three singers using Jon's lyrics could replace the entire horn section of the Count Basie Orchestra. Jon feels that the word most properly applies to such elaborate multi-voice orchestral works, and it is in this context that Jon is mistakenly known as the "Father of Vocalese".

The term is muddied, however, because most commentators leave the word "orchestral" out of the definition. They do not distinguish between the multi-part works pioneered by Hendricks & Lambert, and the earlier style pioneered by Eddie Jefferson and King Pleasure, where one solo instrument's part is replaced by a single singer. The styles are obviously closely related, and it can be hard to tell where one shades into the other. It was this definition of vocalese that Kurt Elling was thinking of when he called Jon "the godfather of vocalese and perfector of the art"

Vocalese is a term given to a small niche style of jazz and blues music. It is created by giving a vocal chorus to the instrumental improvisation played by a jazz or blues master. The vocal chorus is in tempo and syntax, and fits greatly with the ideas of the originator of the solo. It is a very difficult and exacting task and very few can master this art. The first was probably Eddie Jefferson, but the most famous of its practitioners was a guy known by the flowery and imaginative name of King Pleasure. The King came to be at the legendary amateur night at the Apollo Theater in New York City one night in late 1951. Up to that time he was known as Clarence Beeks, but that night on stage he presented his own unique take on the standard tune "I'm In The Mood For Love". Using lyrics originally written by Jefferson to the solo on the tune by James Moody, Beeks did his number and was declared the winner of the talent fest. King Pleasure was born that night in Harlem.  He passed away in March of 1982 just shy of sixty years old.

Whatever definition you use, vocalese is not scat, though one is commonly mistaken for the other. Scat is singing nonsense syllables, generally to a tune which is improvised on the spot. Vocalese is singing words to a pre-arranged tune.

Two predominant threads in vocalese lyrics are storytelling and tributes. The latter is perhaps more obvious -- frequently lyrics are a tribute to the musician who originally recorded the tune in question. For instance, Eddie Jefferson's lyrics for Coleman Hawkins' famous recording of "Body and Soul" sing the his praises -- "Don't you know, he was the king of saxophones." Likewise Jon's "I Remember Clifford [Brown]".

Tell a story through the solo is another common trend. Kurt Elling's "Those Clouds Are Heavy, You Dig?" is an adaptation of Rainer Maria Rilke's story "How the Thimble Came to be God" set to a Paul Desmond solo. Jon's "Cottontail" retells the familiar children's tale "Peter Cottontail" to Duke Ellington's tune .

Singer, lyricist, and drummer, born in 1921 in Newark, OH. Jon Hendricks has been called the "James Joyce of Jive" by Times Magazine and "The Poet Laureate of Jazz" by Jazz critic and historian Leonard Feather. He has distinguished himself as a vocalist capable of turning instrumental choruses into lyrically interesting voices. Before Hendricks reached his teens, his family moved to Toledo, where he began appearing on radio and where he encountered the pianist extraordinaire Art Tatum, who took a keen interest in Hendrick’s musical development. A brief encounter with the phenomenal saxophonist Charlie Parker caused Hendricks to pursue music professionally. He was the key lyricist and principal member of the trio Lambert, Hendricks and Ross formed in 1958. The group remained together for 6 years, during which time the trio toured widely and recorded extensively, featuring a repertory of jazz vocaleses. The trio mastered the technique of adding words to Jazz instrumental classics, including those of Basie and Ellington. After that, Hendricks performed with the new group, Jon Hendricks and Company. He moved to London in 1968 and performed in Europe and Africa for five years. He frequently performed on British television and appeared in the British film "Jazz is our religion" and the french film "Hommage a Cole Porter". He then moved to California where he was a jazz critic for the San Francisco Chronicle and taught classes at California State University at Sonoma and the University of California at Beckerley. His 1985 album Vocalese won five Grammy Awards. His television documentary, Somewhere To Lay My Weary Head, received an Emmy, Iris and Peabody Award. His stage work, Evolution of the Blues, ran an unprecedented five years at the Broadway theatre in San Francisco. Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, Art Blakey, Buck Clayton, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Wynton Marsalis, and Bobby McFerrin are among those with whom he has worked. As written in the New Grove Dictionary of Jazz, "He is a fine scat singer, and is also adept at imitating instrumental sounds that his improvisations often surpass the solos played by his accompanists."  Jon appeared in the Film 'White Men Can't Jump' as a street singer.


Lambert, Hendricks & Ross

They say as a child
I appeared a little bit wild
With all my crazy ideas
But I knew what was happening
I knew I was a genius
What's so strange when you're a wizard at three
I knew that this was meant to be
Annie Ross, "Twisted"

The seminal vocal group: Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks, and Annie Ross. Their first project was setting words to Count Basie band numbers; they sang everything but the rhythm section parts, which were played by the actual Basie rhythm section. Their next recording was with the full Basie band. After that, they wandered on to a variety of things before Annie Ross left in '62. (At which point they became Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan.) Wide three-part harmonies and excellent Jon Hendricks lyrics (mostly), this was the best thing going for decades.

The Manhattan Transfer

Come in twos, pay your dues,
What can you lose?
Just your blues!
So lose them!
Jon Hendricks, "Birdland"

Formed in 1975, this four person group is modelled on a saxophone quartet.
Most of their albums feature at least one Hendricks vocalese, and the aptly named Vocalese featured Hendricks lyrics exclusively. In addition, they've done at least two Eddie Jefferson songs as well, and several by various other people. Basically, there's nothing they've done in this field that isn't top-notch.


New York Voices are the Grammy Award winning vocal ensemble renowned for their excellence in jazz and the art of group singing. Like the great groups that have come before, such as Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, Singers Unlimited, Manhattan Transfer and Take 6, they have learned from the best and taken the art form to new levels. Their interests are rooted in jazz, but often Brazilian, R and B, classical, and pop influences are included with equal creativity and authenticity. The group was formed in 1987 and evolved into its present members Darmon Meader, Peter Eldridge, Lauren Kinan, Kim Nazarian. By way of explanation, Darmon, and attended Ithaca College in NY and were part of an invitational alumni group formed to tour the European Jazz Festivals  They have had the pleasure of performing with a number of influential jazz artists including Ray Brown, Bobby McFerrin, Nancy Wilson, George Benson, Jon Hendricks, Annie Ross, the Boston Pops, Diana Krall, Paquito D'Rivera, and many more.

Scat singing is vocalizing either wordlessly or with nonsense words and syllables as employed by singers ho create the equivalent of an instrumental solo using only the voice. Thus it is a type of voice instrumental While the use of nonsense syllables in singing long predates scat, scat singing is distinguished by the fact that rather than using the sounds to exactly reproduce the melodic line, improvisations are made with the melody and rhythm, much as in other jazz improvisation.

Al Jarreau
Al Jarreau, vocalist Born a preacher's son in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Al Jarreau started his musical career singing at the local church choir, harmonizing with his brothers and performing at a variety of local events in his hometown. His very first gig was at the tender age of four at a Garden Fair.  He continued his experiences with hardbop scat vocals and bossa nova rhythms during his time at the respected Ripon College in Wisconsin. "My interest in improvised music began when I was a kid, my older brothers were singers and brought a lot of jazz music into the house," Jarreau recalls.  He continued singing for fun, performing locally with a band called THE INDIGOS during weekends and holidays. After moving on to the University of Iowa to earn his Master's Degree and becoming an all-conference basketball and baseball player, Al Jarreau subsequently relocated to San Francisco, beginning a career in rehabilitation counselling.  Starting to work in San Francisco in 1964, he soon entered the Bay Area's club scene, fronting a trio headed by George Duke at the Half Moon Club. By the time he had hooked up with guitar player Julio Martinez in 1968, he realized that he would make singing his life! "So one day I stopped getting up at 7 am and just worked as a singer at night."

Miles Griffith is not only a stellar performer he is also a band leader and record producer. Having four CD's under his belt and his most recent work, Smile Again on Griffith Records, a record label Griffith created. Author, historian and jazz critic Ira Gitler states about Smile Again, "Miles Griffith is a very talented, multi-faceted singer who can croon short and sweet as in "Hello Friend" or, using his voice instrumentally can unleash passionate, informed swing as in his version of Thelonious Monk's "We See." I like Tony's solo on "Autumn in New York" and Miles scatting here combined the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic beautifully. We see and hear. Oo-pa-pa-da!"
In 1994, he played the lead role of "Jesse" in Wynton Marsalis', celebrated Blood On The Fields, the specially commissioned jazz oratorio, which premiered at Lincoln Centers' Alice Tully Hall. Griffith also participated on the recording, which was released on Sony Music in mid 1997 to end Marsalis' Pulitzer Award and Grammy winning world tour. Will Friedwald states, "Miles Griffith shows off the scat technique that made him Wynton Marsalis' choice for the leading role in Blood On The Fields."

Griffith has been a jazz vocal educator for 18 years, having a Masters of Jazz Vocal Performance Degree from Queens College, Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Long Island University and a private instructor. In 2005, Griffith received the new Vocal Jazz Instructor position at Columbia University Jazz Department in New York City. Griffith taught twelve years at the New School Jazz and Contemporary Music, four years at Jazzinty in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, one year in Izola, Slovenia with the Plesni Dance School and one year at the Groningen Conservatore in the Netherlands. He brings his performance energy to the education realm to excite, encourage and empower his students.

Harvey Thompson jazz vocalist, was born in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. After years of appearances in talent shows and local jazz joints and performances at Japanese concert halls and swank Turkish night spots, the Japan-based and world-traveling Thompson can rightfully be called a versatile master of jazz vocals. His first CD, entitled "Jazz Is (Anything You Want It to Be)," is a fine example of his polished vocal skill. With help from some of Detroit's top jazz musicians, such as trumpeter Marcus Belgrave and Straight Ahead's lead singer Cynthia Dewberry, Harvey shines on this CD, which continues to receive regular radio airplay.
With his silky smooth voice, comfortable stage presence, and wide repertoire, reflecting influences ranging from Johnny Hartman to Nat King Cole, Harvey Thompson can be considered "the keeper of the flame" of male jazz vocals. "My many years of paying dues (which I am still paying!), learning my craft and improving my jazz technique, and literally singing for my supper, have paid off. Today, I'm confident in my ability to dignify the jazz idiom with my voice," Harvey says. "I've been blessed to have been influenced by, met and even worked with, a wide sample of the world's best jazz talent. These experiences have helped to focus and strengthen my ongoing salute to some of the world's great composers and to the vocal tradition that makes jazz such a powerful international musical force!"
The critics agree that Harvey Thompson is a special talent: USA Today says "Thompson is probably the jazziest of the new crooners." The Detroit Free Press writes, "Harvey Thompson's eloquent baritone voice is dark, smooth and luxurious, comparable to Joe Williams' and deeper than Billy Eckstine's. His career is poised to skyrocket." And a Chicago Tribune review of Harvey's CD states, "The ingenuity of the arrangements, the stylistic breadth of the repertoire and the ebullience of the performance establish Harvey Thompson as a band leader of unusual sensitivity and musical accomplishment... He sings with as much poetry as virtuosity and stands as a potentially major talent."
Among Harvey's musical achievements are: receiving rave reviews in the Ron Milner musical "Crack Steppin"; numerous appearances at the Detroit Montreux Jazz Festival; winner of WEMU Radio's Best Jazz Vocalist competition; being named the Detroit NBC affiliate's first annual "Super Singer"; opening for legendary jazz saxophonist Joe Henderson; singing with the Benny Green Trio in Madrid, Spain; appearing at New York's famed Tavern on the Green with piano great Dorothy Donegan and at a follow-up engagement at the Tavern with acclaimed jazz cabaret pianist and singer, the fabulous Ms. Jo Thompson.
The recipient of the 1995 Detroit Music Award for Jazz Artist Meriting Wider Recognition, destined for great stardom, Harvey Thompson is a name to remember!


Check out this Vocalese Style Video as a variation on Visual Vocalese - keep watching and wait until your brain penny drops.

Portrays a heated debate between Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie.

The recording is "Leap Frog", from Bird And Diz.


Gone but the Spirit prevails.

Carmen McRae - Body & Soul Video

Billie Holiday - Strange Fruit Video

Mel Torme, who died from the lingering effects of the debilitating stroke which abruptly ended his 65-year singing career in August 1996.
Of the same immigrant Russian-Jewish stock which contributed so many exemplary figures to twentieth century American music (George and Ira Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Benny Goodman, Stan Getz, etc.), Torme was born in Chicago on September 13, 1925. A child prodigy, he began singing publicly at the age of four, acting by age nine, and playing drums by time he was a teenager. His first published song, “Lament to Love,” was recorded by Harry James when Torme was only 15. He would go on to publish another 250 songs, mostly in collaboration with Bob Wells. Their best known effort is, of course, “The Christmas Song,” recorded by Nat King Cole in 1945, and a holiday classic ever since. Torme frequently commented that the song took less than an hour to write and was not one of his personal favorites

Clive Dunstall's Voxtet
Clive Dunstall has been working on his Voxtet project for the past three years. Voxtet is Clive¹s wish list of a Take 6-type singing group plus A-Team rhythm section ­ a SuperSax & L.A.Voices for the 21st century. The vocal group is: Donna Canale, Yona Dunsford, Jacqui Hicks, Alison Jiear, Emer McParland, and Sam Shaw, with Andrew Playfoot and Colin Skinner. The rhythm section is: Pete Callard (guitar), Nick Moss (sax), Dave Jones (bass) and the king of groove, Frosty Beedle, on drums. Clive Dunstall's Voxtet expands the traditions of Manhattan Transfer, New York Voices and Take Six with skills that would have their inspirations shouting for joy, They are simply the best vocal group in Britain. Concert promoters, jazz entrepreneurs or just those who love the job done properly - miss them at your own risk!"


UK Jazz Vocalists

Nicola Emmanuelle  The talents of Nicola Emmanuelle have been obvious for some time to the many artists, producers and musical directors who have been using her crystalline voice for studio albums, film and television work, and now the public can enjoy one of the finest voices at some of the foremost Jazz venues across London.  Working hard in the studio, and performing live around London with her band, Nicola has a sensational set of songs evoking the work and sound of the original jazz pioneers of the thirties, forties and fifties, along with stunning and beautiful renditions of some of the all time great jazz standards.
Coming from a South African jazz dynasty, (her Father Nathan ‘Dambuza’ Mdledle was the founder and lead singer of the Manhattan Brothers) London born Nicola attended the Cleo Laine school of music followed by the Bourne school of music and Goldsmiths foundation, and enjoyed a Classical training by Elizabeth Anderson Kramer.
Despite her enormous versatility and numerous genre changes for various projects, Nicola retains a deep desire to follow in the classic jazz styles she grew up with and has always loved.  Her understanding of the feel and swing of the best of the past, and her own  contemporary iconic style and individuality adds to and supports a voice of mesmerising purity and beauty.
Comfortable in all types of live situations, Nicola makes a speciality of singing accapella and is capable of incredible scat solos when the mood takes her.  She can touch an audience with a torch song, before drawing them back to laughter with her endearing and graceful humour.  Nicola has a way of sticking you to the spot, and always wanting more; you stay there until forced to leave.  Many acts have recently tried to encompass the enduring appeal of the great jazz singers and writers - few if any, have the capacity or talent to do it with such authenticity or affection as Nicola Emmanuelle.

Eileen HunterEileen Hunter is most well known as a Flautist, Pianist and Vocalist. Eileen has a wealth of musical talent from theatre and concert performances to intimate jazz gigs.   She is a versatile performer and can be seen in various venues in and around London.  Among her recording credits are: “Falling” for Jive Records on their compilation album “Sugar Valone” ; Fender Rhodes, flute and backing vocals for Steve Brookstein’s no.1 selling album “Heart and Soul” ; flute on a track for up and coming artist, Susy Thomas.

  • Orchestra and The Thilo Wolf Trio.
  • Chichester Festivities; The Eileen Hunter Quintet.
  • Guest Soloist with Her Majesty’s Band of the Royal Marines.
  • Royal National Theatre; Jazz in the Foyer/ Cabaret Attic space.


Lisa Chute  At the tender age of 15 Daisy Chute has produced an exciting debut CD Simply Jazz. The decision to do so was made in the summer of 2004 at The Fionna Duncan Jazz Vocal Workshop in Edinburgh when jazz legend, Mark  Murphy, urged her to make a CD after hearing her sing in his Masterclass.

Having spent the previous year as the first ever vocalist with the National Youth Jazz Orchestra of Scotland she was gaining valuable performing experience and the summer of '04 found her being highlighted in the Ladies of Jazz concert at the Edinburgh Festival of Jazz and Blues. She was delighted to then be included in the Sophisticated Ladies Jazz Cabaret hosted by Todd Gordon during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In fact it was with this backing trio (David Patrick Trio) that Daisy did this recording.

Daisy was no stranger to performing having debuted when nine years old, in Les Miserables, as the Young Cosette during its Edinburgh run. She went on to charm millions of television viewers with her rendition of "You made me love you" as the young Judy Garland in Matthew Kelly's Kids Stars in their Eyes. ..... Now Daisy sings as herself with a voice that is both immediate and unaffected, warm and bright.
"Absolutely wonderful... I'm so excited and it's not even my CD" - Todd Gordon, singer

Elisa Caleb - Elisa began singing at a young age in school choirs and at church. Having spent many of her early years in Barbados, her style is creatively rhythmic. When she came to London, her love for music grew. At 14, she began listening to Jazz continually studying the tracks of her favourite vocalists; Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday.  Music had still always been for enjoyment and though she took up the violin as a child, her first love remained singing. During college, she sang in a gospel group, sang backing vocals, joined the college choir. It was here that she met her future guitarist husband Jo Caleb, supporting guitarist Femi Temowo, bassist Michael Olatuja and pianist Jonathan Idiagbonya - a fellowship that promised to be uniquely special.  She began working with the Jo Caleb trio in 2000, primarily as a manager and agent booking them into various venues and clubs . Her exposure to the Jazz Scene, however, was about to take a new turn when prompted to perform jazz rather than merely enjoying it as a listener.
Jazz Eddie - Elisa is a fine young vocalist with natural talent and good microphone technique. She delivers finely honed renditions of the more difficult material from the Great American Songbook and displays a maturity far beyond her years.  Her voice is destined to develop greater charm as the Timbre advances and she currently delights the Jazz audiences both aurally and visually.  Appearing regularly at the Jam Sessions at The George IV, Chiswick and also with her husband Joe Caleb (fine young but mature guitarist and composer) on Tuesdays at The Good Yarn in Uxbridge.  Catch these refreshing performances by Elisa while you can get close to this emerging British Talent.  She is but a break away from Intergalactic Stardom.

The Jams all take place on the last Monday of every week at George IV, 185 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 (nearest tube: Turnham Green (District Line). Buses: 237, 267, 391, 440, E3, H91). Doors open at 7.30pm, the music starts at 8pm. Admission is £7 (£4 musicians, students, seniors) Albums by the artists will be on sale on the night.


Ian Shaw  A terrific musician, he not only sings but plays the piano, writes arrangements and produces. If all that wasn’t enough he is an experienced actor with numerous voice-over credits to his name as well. His energy and commitment are legendary and his support for myself and the Club has been unflagging. A little like the fourth musketeer Ian has been “adopted” by the team here and is looked on as an “honorary” member of staff. He is also generous and supportive of young talent and has been instrumental in introducing a considerable number of upcoming young artists to the scene. Probably the most notable “protégé” is Jamie Cullum, whose first CD Ian produced. He was instrumental in getting Jamie work here at the Club and then his first deal with Candid records. The rest, as they say, is history. He can also lay some claim (although knowing Ian he probably wouldn’t!) to assisting the careers of Clare Teal, Polly Gibbons, Gwyneth Herbert, Symeon Cosburn and latterly the wonderful young singer pianist Anthony Strong.

Voted Best Vocalist in the 2004 BBC British Jazz Awards. He has recorded 8 highly acclaimed albums featuring musicians including Cedar Walton, Kenny Washington, Joe Lovano and Lew Soloff. He appears regularly on television and radio, including the BBC Big Band and as a presenter for Radio 2’s “Big Band Special”.  He has performed throughout the world with artists such as Elvis Costello, Sting, Paul McCartney and Bjork and he collaborates regularly with Claire Martin and Liane Carroll.  Ian studied Composition at King’s College, London and has arranged and produced albums for Charlotte Church, Gwyneth Herbert and Jamie Cullum, as well as scoring music for films.  He has lectured on the Middlesex University Jazz Course and held master classes at the Guild Hall School of Music, amongst many others.


Natalie Williams  Born in Germany and of Hungarian descent, Natalie was raised in a household surrounded by jazz, nurtured on Miles Davies, Billie Holliday, and Ella Fitzgerald. An enthusiastic dancer from age five, her vocal talents were not discovered until aged fifteen and in secondary school. She attended the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in the UK to read a BA(Hons) Jazz degree.
A talented songwriter and pianist, Natalie had been working in collaboration with friend and producer Dan Marmolinera on debut tracks. This led to a meeting with Eastside Records when she was signed to the label.
Natalie has a varied singing career. She performs with the European Jazz Orchestra as well as on stage in Musicals and currently has a pop single released which is receiving air play on Radio 1 as well as commercial stations up and down the country to critical acclaim.  Her influences include Lauryn Hill, Eryka Badu, and her idol Stevie Wonder. Although heavily influenced by jazz, Natalie's music's is a fusion of RnB, Funk and Soul mixed with a touch of jazz.


Katya Gorrie - Jazz Vocalist




 Sample- with Denny Ilett Jr - Guitar 680KB

It's Jacqui innit!Jacqui Hicks Jacqui studied saxophone, flute and clarinet at Leeds College Of Music where she also started to sing. There followed a one year post graduate course at the Guildhall School Of Music and Drama after which, in 1989, she joined the National Youth Jazz Orchestra.  Around 1992 Jacqui joined Shakatak both as vocalist and saxophonist and has since toured most of the world with them. She has also worked with Matt Bianco, again touring and appearing on several albums.  Jacqui's debut solo album "Spellbound", recorded with her regular Band on Hi-Hat Records (HHR 003)   An English rose combined with artistry of Aretha Franklin or Chaka Khan." (Paul Scott - M.U. magazine). "Spellbound" (Hi - Hat Records) is her first solo album.

"...Her interpretations have the dynamism, the verve and the liveliness of a true jazz artist..." Times.  "...sounds a million." Crescendo.  "...responds thrillingly to the challenge of quite complex arrangements ...confident and swinging... with assurance and flair" Jazz Express.

"Jacqui Hicks is a singer of warmth, poise and intelligence whose smoky voice is a pleasure to listen to. This is her debut album, and it proves her to be one of the best young vocalists around." ****
Andrew Vine - Yorkshire Post

"Jacqui Hicks is one of the most soulful singers working in Britain at the moment.If her version of Reverend Lee Doesn't make you at least mildly hot under the collar, then you haven't got blood in your veins..."
Paul Scott - M.U. Magazine

"...a beautifully crafted and controlled performance.A fine debut indeed."
Derek Day - Jazz Review

Lauren Field
Randy Bachman ( Bachman Turner Overdrive / The Guess Who ) wrote: “When I heard Lauren Field’s version of “Wicked Game” I was totally mesmerized. Somehow she took the original version and made it even sexier, more haunting, and more moody. The production and vocals on the track are top notch and I would definitely pick this as the first single to hit radio if I were a promo guy”. Mathew Wright – BBC Radio 2 presenter, said about Diva Lauren's “The Story of Us”, "has got to be the most exquisite tune I’ve ever heard. Kenny Mathieson from Jazzwise Magazine."Lauren Field's sophisticated and soulful vocals are extremely pleasing, and she has also assembled some fine accompanists. With one exception, the songs are all originals by Field, either self penned or co-written with Randy Bachman or Charles Foskett. "Modern Woman" and "The Worm Has Turned" are defiant manifest There is plenty of variety in Lauren's songs, The album is very strong and sensitive with smooth Latin inflections, both of which sit really well with her sensual honeyed voice." Stephen Graham from JAZZWISE wrote: " This is a Great! album and I want to review it again in our August edition.Bob Bonsey – Blues Matters stated: “A superb piece of work!  Lauren is an original singer - songwriter and has a natural laid back style.  This CD ( like the Nora Jones debut album ) will be a slow burner and become a big seller.  So if your bag is Diana Krall or K D Lang I urge you to buy this...!!!” .....the glowing reviews continue ad infinitum. Ms Field got the attention and admiration of the critics. She made her mark and caused her seal of excellence on the landscape of world music. Today, we are witnessing the reincarnation of a world-class singer, a super artist of an unsurpassed talent.
Mike Smith on drums, Neil Angilley on Piano, Steve Waterman on trumpet + flugel, Mark Johns on guitar and Gavin Scott on bass

Anton Browne

Anton started out as a songwriter and pianist for his funk band, Vogue, gigging in and around London, including upstairs at Ronnie's. He first tried his hand at singing after the break up of the band when he found it difficult to find singers for demos of new songs. But only ventured on a career as a vocalist after three years studying singing, first at Goldsmiths College, and then at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama. His first gigs were with Jim Mullen, with a debut at Ronnie Scott's (this time downstairs!). Since then Anton has worked with numerous bands. His session work has included appearances on Eastenders, Wogan and Top of the Pops, backing Paul Young. In 1995 he recorded and toured with Jan Ponsford's Vocal Chords and recorded an album with Duncan Lament for Solo Records. Since then he has recorded his own album, You Can't Keep A Good Man Down, enjoying airplay and favourable press reviews, and has recorded an album with pianist Chris Lee.

Anna Stubbs
After finishing her postgraduate degree in Jazz and Studio music at the Guildhall School of Music, Anna has been working professionally as a performer, recording artist and lecturer. She has been singing and playing piano alongside artists such as the New London Jazz Voices and soul singer Jaki Graham. She has appeared at many of the more prominent music venues including the Barbican Hall, Mezzos, The Mean Fiddler, Borderline, and more recently headlining at the Jazz Cafe, featured in radio and television programmes, and regularly performs and records with many well known UK jazz and pop musicians. She is currently the Jazz Voice teacher at the Leeds College of Music. Between 1997-99 she taught vocals and ensembles at the London Music School. Her main inspiration derives from Roberta Flack, Nancy Wilson, Aretha Franklin, and Donny Hathaway without straying too far away from a swinging groove.
'Anna's spine-tingling vocals and harmonies should be made the benchmark for British soul, rhythm and blues artists.' Carl Eve- Evening Echo.

Georgia Mancio
Georgia Mancio has one of the most unique voices on the London jazz scene today. A natural, instinctive musician with a pure honeyed tone, her delivery is at once soft and passionate, rich and bittersweet. Since her professional debut in 1997, she has performed twice at Ronnie Scott's in London prompting. She has played the 100 Club, Mezzo, The Pizza Express Chain, The Royal Festival Hall Foyer and recently completed a residency in Dubai. Her music is currently being played on Jazz FM and next year sees an engagement at Pizza on the Park.
"A refreshingly modest and mesmerising performer, Georgia Mancio possesses a rare honesty in her music-making that will  mark a significant twist in the story of modern day vocal jazz."



Aphrodite's ChildJuliet Kelly Hotly tipped by critics in 2003 as "one to watch", Juliet’s debut album, Aphrodite's Child attracted widespread critical acclaim from jazz professionals both in her native UK and in the US as well as enthusiastic responses from audiences on her recent UK tours. Her songwriting has also been widely praised and she took honours in the jazz category of the 2004 International Songwriting Competition (judged by Brandford Marsalis).  In 2005, Juliet performed with Courtney Pine in a live broadcast for BBC4’s Jazz Britannia season at the Barbican. This was followed by two successful sell-out concerts in Russia and her debut US performance that took place at Sweet Rhythm jazz club (formerly Sweet Basil’s) in New York. Juliet’s second album, Delicious Chemistry, was released at the end of 2005. It's a collection of her newest songs that further showcase her talent for writing laid-back accessible jazz with their subtle grooves, lilting melodies and simple but quirky harmonies. Juliet's sensual, velvety vocals and jazz phrasing (reminiscent of the original jazz divas) are sometimes described as a cross between Sade, Norah Jones and Cassandra Wilson but Juliet has developed her own distinctive style that needs no classification. Described by Jazzwise Magazine as “exceptionally beautiful”, Delicious Chemistry includes guest appearances from Courtney Pine, Byron Wallen, Omar Puente, Kate Williams and Roger Beaujolais.

Emma Blake  With a vocal background covering blues, soul, folk, and opera, Emma Blake first emerged on the jazz scene in 1997, and has steadily built up a solid reputation as an exciting, sassy and risk-taking singer, earning the respect of other singers and instrumentalists alike.   Since she first sang at the London Jazz Bistro, Emma has regularly appeared at The National Theatre, Quaglino’s, Octave, PJ’s, Jazz7 and London’s famous Vortex Jazz Club. She has also performed at The Savoy, Pizza Express, Mezzo and also Ronnie Scott’s, where she was a special guest artist for Amnesty International’s jazz benefit night for the victims of the World Trade Centre attack on 9/11.   Continuing her work for charity, in 2004 Emma performed with the Simon Brown Trio at the Norwich Playhouse for a Jazz and Cabaret gala in aid of Cancer Relief.  In September 2005, she appeared with Christine Tobin and Norma Winstone in Jazz on the Terrace’s inaugural September Song Jazz Festival in Dublin, a new festival to “celebrate some of Jazz's finest contemporary female vocalists and their wonderful ability to improvise and interpret the standard”.  Emma’s debut CD entitled “goodness knows…” was released on Voiceprint Records in 2003, and received airplay and much acclaim on Smooth FM and BBC Radio.

Zoe Gilby  

Jazz has always been a part of Zoe's life. The passion passed on to her from her father, Mike Gilby who worked professionally as a jazz trumpet player and arranger for over 40 years. His influence has played a huge part and continues to do so. She has just finished recording a debut album "Now That I am Real" The title reflects a particular stage in her life and her music at the moment. They album will be released soon and I can't wait. Meanwhile you can get your mouths watering by hitting her myspace!!!





Chantuese - female singer of popular songs -  from chanter sing


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