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Chiltern Hundreds Area

'Jazz on Cue' LIVE @ Thame Snooker Club

Took place on  - 14th Mar 07 Gig-21
Gypsy Jazz -'Duets for Django' -
Paul's Duo played a "Tribute To Django Reinhardt's Musical Legacy" including many of Paul's own compositions.

Featuring :-
Paul Vernon Chester - Soloist Guitar
Nick Mellor - Rhythm Guitar
Paul and his cousin Nick as rhythm guitarist, have been playing together since they were kids-and their rapport is clearly apparent in their performances.
Video - links
Paul Vernon Chester Video -1
Paul Vernon Chester Video - 2 (Autumn leaves)

Amazing dexterity and fluency from this Giant of International Manouche Swing Jazz exponents

Paul Vernon Chester - One of the UK’s and the worlds finest Gypsy Jazz guitarists Paul’s playing and compositions are rapidly bringing him to the forefront of the jazz guitar scene. His guitar playing in the Django tradition, is warm, open hearted and highly Charged! Regularly appearing on the same bill as many of the Continental big names, (Boulou, Elios Ferre, Romane, Serge Krief etc),  Paul’s work has been much admired in the UK and abroad.


Jazz Eddie.............., Paul's quiet relaxed approach to his music was refreshing and he imparted many anecdotes between numbers - each displaying a dazzling technique with attack that was worthy of his hero and mentor Django - we are blessed that his disciples still emulate this wonderful facet of Jazz - Manouche Gypsy Jazz Swing.  Not to forget the gargantuan labour's of Nick Mellor -on Rhythm Guitar such an essential component of this magical sound - both are Manouche Maestros.

Live MP3-5.5Mb - After Youve Gone - Concert Jazz Thame complete with impromptu string break

Paul Vernon Chester’s playing and compositions have rapidly established him in the forefront of the gypsy swing jazz guitar scene.  His compositions once heard are a monument to his dexterity and fluency.  ‘Hauntingly beautiful’ and ‘infectious’ are both accurate descriptions that have been applied to Paul’s music, Proven in many performances that have earned him huge respect from audiences and artists alike. He is supported by his cousin and lifelong accompanist, the superb rhythm guitarist, Nick Mellor

Paul in Action @ Concert Jazz

Nick in Action @ Concert Jazz

Paul's Epic Journey to Gypsy Jazz Guitarist Extraordinaire

There has never been a better time for anyone wishing to play in the tradition of the great gypsy, Django Reinhardt. I say this from the standpoint of over four decades playing this wonderful music. In conversation with my cousin and rhythm guitarist, Nick Mellor, we often reflect on the wealth of material and opportunities available today for the gypsy jazz student in terms of recordings, gigs and festivals, guitars, workshops and tutors etc, devoted to our hero. This is in stark contrast to the sparse resources at our disposal, other than Django’s recordings, when we began our journey as enthusiastic kids years ago.

Like thousands of other kids I was caught up in the energy of the 60's Rhythm & Blues times era and became inseparable from my guitar. I listened to and tried to assimilate the solos of my guitar heroes moving from one to the next, always looking for increasing levels of complexity and difficulty. It was bound to happen! I remember a guitarist friend of my brother, always aware of my insatiable desire for improvement, recommending I listen to a gypsy guitarist who was better than all others and to top it all, played mainly with only two fingers! His name was Django Reinhardt. Where do I listen to this guitarist? Is he alive? What does he play like? What happened to his fret hand?

I began my studies immediately. I learned Nuages first, playing along with the record over and over until I thought it sounded right. Nick and I sat for hours playing through our slowly but steadily increasing Django repertoire. We sought out information about the man, about these weird guitars with sound chambers. Some people called them Selmer's and others, Maccaferri's. Some had D shaped holes and some oval. You could not buy them as they were very rare! Our investigations only ever got so far and our knowledge of Django gleaned almost exclusively from record sleeve notes, read over and over. Some years later Charles Delaunay's biography became available at the public library. Needless to say, it was read from cover to cover several times over.

The music has never been in better shape with so many wonderful guitarists offering their own take on this music. The quality of musicianship develops at an astonishing level. Accessibility has never been stronger with Festivals throughout the world. Affordable instruments are available in profusion for the aspiring gypsy guitarist, DVDs, CDs, the internet.  Django would be amazed! - Paul Vernon Chester©

Set 1
There will never be another you
Chez Jacquet
I'll see you in my dreams
Autumn Leaves
Lady Be Good
St Louis Blues
Dark Eyes
Waltz of the children
Street in Samois
Swing 42
Maccaferri Waltz
Hotel Claridge
Girl from Ipanema
Blues in Minor
Tea for Two

Set 2
Douce Ambience
Minch Waltz
How high the Moon
I can't give you anything but Love...
Sweet Georgia Brown
All the things you are
Django's Waltz
September Song
Sheik of Araby
Mona Lisa
After you've gone - with Paul's first string break of the evening!
Minor Swing

Duets for Django - Live At Concert Jazz -
The CD Release

Track Listings Selected From This Concert Are
LovermanDouce Ambience
Chez Jacquet
Autumn Leaves
Lady Be Good
St Louis Blues
Mona Lisa
Blues en Mineur
Django's Waltz
September Song
Minor Swing



The first Live Album release 6th June 07 -
'Duets for Django'
Paul Vernon Chester & Nick Mellor - recorded at Live @ Concert Jazz Thame on 14/03/07 (Paul's Birthday). This celebration may account for the Manouche Magic captured by Jake Kirkpatrick,
This live recording gives a great insight to Paul's compositions, faultless technique and ability to improvise inventively on a chord structure.
The listening audience were so enraptured that their presence is only apparent in the enthusiastic applause at the end of each number. - were you there - get your record copy of this phenomenal performance.  This is professional stuff - no Bootleg productions - all worthy of our Highest Standards.
Just to let you know how delighted we are with the final product. As anticipated the recording quality is top notch and the packaging looks great.  Love the colour scheme. Nick's guitar works well for the tweaked volume. Notwithstanding the CD works really well. Many thanks for your hard work Jake and I feel we have a recording that truly reflects our performance ideals. It's only when you hear the audience at the end of each track you realise this is a live recording! I feel the same tension that I felt at the gig!
Very well done mate, you know your stuff. - Paul Vernon Chester.

on line CD Purchase

If you wish to obtain a Copy by sending a cheque - click here  CD Purchase Enquiry

Many thanks for the CD, I am very impressed and is a great reminder of a great concert.- Martin

CD received. - I had expected it to be good, but I wasn't prepared for it to be quite so delightful as it is. Paul Vernon Chester is probably fed up with people paying extravagant compliments on his playing, I would be obliged if you would pass on my congratulations on a truly masterful example of the Manouche guitar style - John McCarte

Yes, Paul is a brilliant player, recall his great show at L'espirit Manouche 2003!...Cheers, Phil

If you wish to obtain a Copy by Cheque click here - CD Purchase Enquiry

Many thanks for calling in with the CD, I am very impressed and is a great reminder of a great concert.- Martin

Audience Appreciation.

Great gig much enjoyed by all - Ade

Great gig last night.  Thoroughly enjoyed it. Jill

We thought last night's gig was absolutely fantastic!    Well done you for getting such a magnificent duo to Thame....thank you so much.   We wondered whether a recording was being made of the event, and if so, will it eventually be for sale, and by whom?   We bought two CD's last night, but would love to have a 'live' one in our collection - Trude & Bernard

The concert last night was outstanding. Paul was such an unassuming guy but an incredible artist.  We were all in awe of the performance and technical ability of the musician  - you should be justly proud of presenting Jazz concerts of this quality; thank you.  Tim bought me one of the CDs and I've just listened to it and want to  find other CDs produced by Paul.  -  Sheila

just to say we really enjoyed the gig, has he ever played with Christian Garrick?  That would be awesome!  Salutations, Jules.

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Paul Vernon Chester - Suite Django
All original tracks written and performed by Paul Vernon Chester, accompanied by Ian Cruickshank on rhythm and Andy Crowdy on bass and percussion.
Track Listing:
Valse des Enfants
Flame of Destiny
Broad Brimmed Hat
Baro and Matelo
Hotel Claridge
Selmer Swing
American Dream
Naguine's Tears

Paul Vernon Chester Endorses

Manouche Guitars / Vintage Strings,
88 London Road,
GL52 6EH. Tel: +44(0)1242 515949 Fax: +44(0) 01242 515949
Map: Click here

Email: Sales, Tony Walker, John Vickers

    -  Manouche guitars have really impressed me, as has the expertise of John and Tony who really know there stuff down there in Cheltenham. These guitars are really taking off and sound lovely. - Paul Vernon Chester
    Manouche Guitars
    Documentary about the origins of the Manouche Modele Jazz.

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