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Chiltern Hundreds Area

Gig 1 Luis D'Agostino 4
Gig-2 Paul Booth Sax
Gig-3 S.Waterman
Gig-4 Tony Kofi Sax
Gig-5 Sid Jacobs Gtr
Gig-6 A. Kerr Vibes
Gig-7 Luis-Pete Duo
Gig 8 Mick Foster 4
Gig-9 Andy Hague 5
Gig-10 Lyons-Brown 5
Gig-11 Butch Thomas
Gig-12 Dan Banks 4
Gig-13 Tim Collinson 4
Gig-14 Earl Okin
Gig-15 Jamie Baum
Gig 16 Don Wright 5
Gig 17 Rod Mason 4
Gig 18 Jo Caleb 4+1
Gig-19 Gianni Quartet
Gig20 Simon Spillett 4
Gig 21 Paul V Chester
Gig 22 Brass Jaw
Gig 23 PD3
Gig 24 John Burgess+3
Gig 25 Paul Booth 4
Gig 26 Mark Allaway 4
Gig 27 Peter King Trio
Gig 28 T Starace 5
Gig29 Tim Collinson 4
Gig30 Lewis Wright 4
Gig31 Dan Smith 4
GIG32 Stekpanna 5

Past Concert Jazz Events:-

Superb performances still echoing in the ether and living live in the memory!

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If You Missed Them
Click opposite for summaries of past exciting performances of Contemporary Jazz as rendered by the finest of young British Musicians.
These artists continue to have a major impact on the established American Jazz Scene often outshine major International Performers when they visit our shores.
No mean feat for these hard working, inventive and prolific young  individuals.  Continue to give them your support and tell your friends about this fine attempt to bring Contemporary jazz to the Chilterns


Often Better, Cheaper  and Safer Than a Trip to Soho's Jazz Spots

If you have a Favoured Jazz Artist why not introduce them to our list of possible's.Click here

Corporate Sponsors Required
To improve the quality of Performances at our monthly gigs, or to maintain ongoing International Jazz Performers participation, we would welcome all degrees of Sponsorship from any Local or National Company that feels that Contemporary Jazz of this quality would assist in the promotion of their Corporate image Tax Free in the Thame Area and beyond.

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