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Chiltern Hundreds Area

GIG-4 Reprise @ The Players Theatre

Tony Kofi on Alto Saxophone

with the Luis D'Agostino Trio
Luis on Guitar
Raph Mizraki on Bass
Charlie Stratford on Drums.
Was held on Wed 12th October 2005 with an audience of 72

Saxophonist (alto, baritone, and soprano)                          Flautist, Composer, Teacher, and Author.
His highly acclaimed TK Quartet "THE MONK LIBERATION FRONT" with the addition of Orphy Robinson on marimba vibes.  Currently the TK Quartet's Album "All is Now" has been selected as:-
Winner, 2005 BBC Jazz Line-Up Album of the Year

Born in Nottingham to West African parents. A self-taught musician, he came to London in the early '90s. Tony has worked with the David Murray Big Band, Gary Crosby's Nu Troop, the Jazz Warriors, Eddie Henderson, Manu Dibango, Dr Lonnie Smith, Branford Marsalis, Billy Higgins and US-3 and the Roy Ayers Big Band.  He is currently a member of Andrew Hill's American-Anglo Big Band, the Julian Joseph Big Band, Byron Wallen's Indigo, Tim Richards' Great Spirit, Grand Union Orchestra, the African All-Stars and Claude Deppa's AJE.  He has studied with Billy Pierce and Donald Byrd. 

Tony Kofi Quartet - Best Ensemble, 2005 Parliamentary Jazz Awards

 "Tony Kofi - Jazz Saxophonist -One of the UK's most exciting performers.
The Musician, Leicester

Listen to Tony on Real Audio Format playing
Along Came Betty-  by Benny Golson

Tony Kofi Quartet, recorded at The Falcon, Clapham, 1996.
With Gary Crosby's Nu Troop

Tony Kofi

gave an ebullient performance throughout the evening on Alto only - (he came by Oxford Tube sensible boy) and despite only brief rehearsal of his intended repertoire with Luis, Raph and Charlie.  He gave a blistering performance on up tempo numbers and was extremely sensitive in his ballad renditions.  As the evening progressed he settled into the group and his command grew as did his appreciation of the attentive audience and the acoustics at The Players Theatre.

Picture by Peter Hutchinson©

Tony in Full Flight Taken on Stage @ The Players Theatre

 The sets were as follows:-

I've never been in Love before - Frank Loesser - from Guys and Dolls
I Love You -  great inventive output.
Central Park West
- John Coltrane Ballad first recorded on 'Coltrane's Sound' Album on Atlantic Records
Live Sample mp3
Along Came Betty - From Benny Golson Riff like reminiscent of Killer Joe
Uncle Bubba - Altoist Gary Bartz composition - sample of his original click here
The second set kicked off with -
By Myself - a phenomenal display of pace, technique and structured solo work
Soul Eyes -
Max Waldron's - Latin groove
Hi - Fly - Randy (6'- 8") Weston - very lyrical delivery.
Played Twice - Thelonious Sphere Monk tune delivered with panache and precision. mp3 Sample 626Kb  - Solo - Live Sample mp3
I Remember April -
- now was that a girl or a month 

Eddie the Editor
- thank you Mr Kofi
- Please come back!
- is all the audience wrote.



Tony Plays:-
Buescher Soprano
Selmer Mark 6 Alto
King Super 20 Alto
Conn Crossbar Baritone

Tony Kofi Website youíll find a new update called VISIONS in the Gallery section. Visions is mostly about photos taken from Tony's point of view of the musicians he had great pleasure of working with over the past decade and a half, or was just fortunate to be around at the opportune time. Itís about capturing a certain moment in rehearsal, performances or just relaxing before a concert. Tony has been taking photographs from the age of 14 years old, which is longer than the time spent as a professional musician. To him, musicians are very unique individuals, and as a musician himself, he likes to capture them before the important world stage performance that takes place in front of the audience, and having first hand insight of this, he finds that most musicians show the first signs of finding their inner space at this point in order to perform at their highest levels, They might have a serious or humorous side to them, but these are the real life musicians who take and love their art very seriously and unconditionally, and itís that side of musicians that inspires him to immortalise art into still life. So VISIONS is the first of many images youíll see in the next few days, weeks, months and years to come of musicians present and future.  (Written by Tony Kofi)

Luis D'Agostino Trio -  for profile details see GIG-1 Reprise

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