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Concert Jazz earned a reputation as a top line Venue destination in Thame for Contemporary Jazz, welcoming hundreds of jazz oriented individuals to discover and enjoy the present day live Jazz exponents. Concert Jazz now provides Artists with Online Promotion as well as educational opportunities and by organising Live Jazz performances in a variety of venues given funding support. Concert Jazz works directly with jazz students, jazz artists, jazz festivals, record labels, instrument outlets, schools, sports franchises and Corporations.
Yes - seriously keeping Live Jazz Alive !  - Beware of Imitations!
Concert Jazz
was founded in Thame in  2005 by a lifelong jazz fan and passionate follower of jazz.  We are dedicated to raising awareness for jazz music and producing live events that inspire both youth and adults. Throughout this vast spectrum we keep our ears open to what is going on in the jazz, and contemporary music fields and enjoy creating platforms for up and coming talent and supporting established professionals.

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Concert Jazz in the Chilterns



 and Safer Than a Trip to Soho's Distant Jazz Venues

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Enjoy the Ethereal and Transients Joys of Jazz -

Music for Educated Listening
NB - Music Students enjoy special concession rates

This gives young enthusiasts a chance to see World Class Musicians in the flesh on their doorstep at a very affordable price.

You cant get a music lesson for this amount anywhere else in the country from this Calibre of Musicianship -  instruments to observe such as Sax, Guitar, Bass, and Drums - Virtuosi performances!

So inspire your progeny by bringing them along to hear Real Live Music as it should be Composed and Performed.

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Make this your source for Live Jazz Information.

Make a major contribution to Jazz Education.

Encourage New Talent by attending local Jazz Venues.

Support British and International Jazz Exponents.

Keep Live Jazz Alive


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Recognise Yourself ?
Take off your coat, sit down, reach for the no newspaper, watch boring TV ... and by default miss the greatest monthly Live Jazz Event of its kind anywhere!  We're not too modest about this as you may have gathered by now - it is the perfect location and we bring you great musicians, performing Contemporary Jazz music in superb surroundings - it's a pretty good deal too! This is your invitation to come and witness the Gig....the 'must be there' music event that is Concert Jazz, right here in parochial Oxfordshire - how much closer can you get! - You could always set the video and judge later which was the most vibrant performance of the evening.


Very Social Jazz Events
Come and join us for exciting performances of Instrumental and Vocal(ese) Jazz as rendered by the finest of young British Musicians.
These talented Jazz Artists are having a major impact on the established American Jazz Scene and often support their major Performers when they visit our shores. 

No mean feat for these hard working, inventive and prolific young  individuals.  Come along and give them your support - they desperately seek your audience.

Could you help to pass the word around and tell friends, family and work colleagues about our Jazz Concerts. Do you have a staff notice board at work or do you have a shop window. If you could oblige us by putting up posters or handing out leaflets or leaving leaflets on your shop or reception counters, we would be very grateful.

We welcome volunteers from any walk of life and from every age group.  We need them year-on-year to provide the necessary backbone and support for our visiting Jazz Musicians.  They bring an impressive variety of skills and work for differing periods of time with varying intensity.

The roles accorded to volunteers enable them to develop and impart their skills and to enjoy actual working experience in areas that include Artist Liaison, marketing, publicity, sound engineering, distribution, press and PR, technical support, administration, communications, event management, driving and IT.

Typically, a volunteer might work one or two days a week for a month during the build-up, then everyday towards the event date, plus another day to wind up.  Others might work on the evenings of the Concert and every effort is made to usefully occupy all volunteer time offered.

If this is something that you are interested in participating in please contact jazz Eddie directly

Contact us and we will send Posters and Leaflets to you.
Can you help with Promotions?
Do you have organisational skills?
Are you anticipating these events?
Want to add your own event pre-views?
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It would be nice to have a Concert Jazz Art Foundation to advance music education for the public of this Borough and surrounding areas. It could both administer and co-ordinate the provision of music tuition and youth music activities for young people and adults. In addition also support the development of music education in schools and provides a wide range of music making opportunities, including concert performances, workshops, projects and courses.

This webpage is here to encourage all generations to become involved in listening to, playing, discussing Jazz, and conveying its benefits for young people and schools. The website also includes local Events and Venues where you can expand your knowledge of Contemporary Jazz Music and its purveyors.

Any Corporate or Willing Sponsors out there?

Support Live Jazz

Support Young Jazz Musicians

Corporate Sponsors Required
To improve the quality of Performances at our monthly gigs, or to maintain ongoing International Jazz Performers participation, we would welcome all degrees of Sponsorship from any Local or National Company that feels that Contemporary Jazz of this quality would assist in the promotion of their Corporate image in the Thame Area and beyond.  In return you invest in something pleasurable of your choice, support your local Community and enjoy Corporate Tax Relief  and Access for supporting the Performing Arts

Send mail to jazzmaster@jazzeddie.f2s.com with questions or comments about the design only of this web site.
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